Day 4 – My Climb Out of Depression

April 29, 2012

Oops! Clearly this is NOT working! I felt worse than ever yesterday!  Why can’t I ask for help? Why must I endlessly spin my wheels?

Felt highly anxious and depressed all day.  Went for a walk with my sister and a friend of her’s and despite it being a beautiful day, all I felt were shame, anxiety and fearfulness.

My plans to ruminate less are clearly not working. I gotta move.  This blog idea might prove to be my undoing.

Today I will move …. somehow … not feeling it right now but maybe a trip to the gym will help lift my mood enough to resume job search this afternoon.

In at least two different dreams last night I mentioned to others I was “suicidal.”  Posting to a blog no one will ever read… I’m tossing bottled messages into an ocean and what? Hoping someone will save me?  Sheesh.

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