No Angel

I dreamt you were an angel,
  Yet you are not an angel.
You move with an indescribable grace and elegance.
Sitting across from you I’m amazed by your every movement.
  I know I shouldn’t stare but I can’t look away!

“Why do guys always want to date?” you ask me casually,
  Oblivious to the arrows your question has rained on my heart.
Because you are a beautiful, smart, intelligent woman.
Because you are desirable.
Because you are sensitive.
Because, despite all your objections to the contrary, you do ultimately long for a union
  that is physical, intellectual, emotion, and spiritual.

Despite, being no angel,
  any man would be lucky to have you as a partner.
You are not an angel.
You are not an angel.
You are not an angel.

I’m a thirsty ghost.
  forever suffering an unquenchable thirst.
Set adrift upon an infinite sea
  The saltwater only makes me thirstier,
  So I drink more!
I drift and drink, drink and drift,
Hoping against hope that the next swallow will not be filled with salt.

I mustn’t drink any more today,
  but my thirst grows and grows…
  Maybe just a small sip?
Yes! Just one more small sip!
Surely tomorrow, surely tomorrow I can find some fresh water.

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